Available in the United States Q1 2022. Pre-register to get your card sooner.

How StormX Card Works

Unlike most platforms, your funds are held in crypto. We only convert your crypto to fiat at the time of purchase.

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Deposit Crypto

Deposit STMX to your unique card address to fund your account.

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Account Balance

Your balance is held in STMX. You can view and manage this at any time.

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When you use your card, STMX is sold for fiat currencies seamlessly.


Getting Started

Welcome to the future. The team at StormX believe the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are the future. So much so, we wanted to ensure that not only did you earn Crypto Cashback from our app, but that you could also spend it globally. Getting started is as simple as following four easy steps.


Start your StormX Card journey by creating an account


Make your first deposit and fund your account

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Initiate and pass our secure verification checks

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Instantly receive a virtual StormX Card to use while your physical card is in the post

Ways to Load Your StormX Card

Whether it’s a cryptocurrency transfer or direct reloading at one of thousands of retailers, StormX has you covered.

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Transfer Cryptocurrency

Loading your StormX Card is easy. Login to your account dashboard and select your prefered cryptocurrency. Click the crypto icon and a wallet address will appear. Copy that wallet address and then use your personal crypto wallet to send to that address destination.

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Visit one of our StormX Card partners such as Walmart, 7-11 or many others. Simply visit the cashier or self-serve kiosk, load your funds and that’s it!


If you are visiting a cashier, simply swipe your card and hand your money to the cashier.

Self-service Kiosk

If you are visiting a self-serve kiosk, simply swipe your card and insert your money.

In both instances you will receive a receipt and your money will be instantly loaded to your StormX Card.

Apple & Google Pay Support

Deposit STMX cryptocurrency and convert into dollars to use in your StormX Card account. Use your StormX Card anywhere that accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay.

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Load on-the-go!

Head in-store to load from one of our partners below, plus many more!

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Have any questions?

Yes. All you need is their email. Once they open the email it will set their wallet up for them and they can access the funds immediately.

No. There are no transaction, deposit or exchange fees on crypto. However, there is a flat monthly fee, that for most users is waived just by using their card regularly. And low transaction fees on card usage. See our card fees.

The card dashboard website is designed as a Progressive Web Application, making the website experience similar in functionality to a native application. We plan to also release a native iOS/Android application in the future with more features/functionality.

What are you waiting for?

Register for your StormX Card account and make purchases anywhere major credit cards are accepted. Register at no cost to you.